Presuming that you have already been bored stiff by reading about the MiniSprint project, you will know that Neville Trickett and I were at Corsley Garage in 1967. As if we did not have enough aggravation, we decided to launch our Hot Rod Ford on the British Public.

Our thinking was absolutely right: here was a "special" that could be built from "breakers" cheap parts and the "kit" cost only 199.

Our sales expert, the very lovely Susan Preece Murray sold well over 250 kits before we all got bored and went onto other things.

Here a a few more pictures to delight and entertain you....

Colin Chapman and his wife looking distinctively frightened. He thought it was a good car, but not a great car.

Jim Clarke didn't even think it was a "good" car, but admitted it handled a lot better than some of the Lotus racers he had driven. Geoff (left), Jim (centre) and Neville (in a suit! right)



All these photos were taken on a super day at the Rob Walkers Corsley Garage.

We were Lotus Distributors and had a special promotion whereby anyone who bought a Lotus (Elans in those days) would have it presented to them by Jim Clarke and Colin Chapman.

We became "big players" in the Lotus empire which is why Colin sold Geoff Thomas and Rob Walker the F1 Lotus that won the 1968 British Grand Prix. ... another story!





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